Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Services for White Goods in Potomac

Appliance repair at Sub-Zero Repair in Potomac begins with examining and diagnosing the problem. We check every kitchen appliance independently to ensure we recognize the faulty areas correctly. For every kitchen appliance from Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Potomac, we know the most common woes that might require our assistance.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Sub-Zero Repair Potomac knows how much it hurts to have your groceries go bad because your refrigerator is dysfunctional. That’s why we choose to stand with you in ending these frustrations. There are so many things that could go wrong with your fridge or freezer, but some should worry you more. That’s where we come in as the experts. At Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Potomac, we have skilled technicians to help you correct any malfunctioning of your freezer or fridge.

Some common problems for your freezer or fridge are:

  • Noisy, funny sounds
  • Warm or overheating body casing
  • The refrigerator’s water dispenser is not working
  • Water leaks from your fridge
  • Over icing in the freezer
  • Constant cycling or running
  • Funny noises during operations
  • Unsealed door gaskets,and
  • The freezer is not cool enough, and the fresh food section is warm

Sub-Zero Cooler/ Ice Maker Repair

Tap the knowledge of our Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Potomac to identify and correct your ice maker woes today! Ice makers may stop working efficiently, or at all, for several reasons. You might have:

  • A clogged filter
  • Over iced cooling system,
  • Poor drainage of water from the cooler,
  • Overheating of the cooling system
  • Constant system failure indicated through several restarts
  • A leaking ice maker, or
  • Your ice maker is not making enough ice

Sub-zero Appliance Repair fixes ice makers with specialized attention to model specifications. In some cases, the problem might be due to manufacturer faults in the assembly line, requiring swapping out the entire unit. An unstable ice maker that keeps falling out can be a significant inconvenience, so let us fix that for you. We have the resources and expertise to find the root cause of the problem and fix it permanently.

Freezer Repair

We at Sub-Zero Appliance Repair can tell what ails your freezer from far. Your freezer hosts your prime cuts and your favorite frozen treats. Thus, it’s only fair to expect it to run as smoothly as possible. Freezers may be part of your refrigerator or standalone for larger models. In any case, both types may develop some problems over time. Common problems include:

  • Food not getting completely frozen
  • There is too much noise emanating from the freezer,
  • The freezer either gets too warm or cold
  • Stored food becomes freezer burnt
  • There is frost build up
  • Loss of cold air leading to defrosting
  • Faulty wires, or
  • Leaks

Faulty freezers may lead to a lot of food going bad as they are primarily used to store food for a long time, especially in food establishments. If the freezer is not repaired as soon as the problem is detected, it may render food inedible and pose greater problems in the long term.